Messianic Moments And Cosmic Conversations

page to stage performers/ barbaila productions/ · Ages 16+ · 2hrs

one person show

Messianic Moments and Cosmic Conversations is an original musical about One Woman trying to make good on a deal she made with the Divine. Along the way she finds out a thing or two about what all humans seem to have in common.  The monologues and original songs written by award winning actress podcaster and playwright  Barbara Heller give pause for thought. Barbara derives her wide range of characters from a long line of people she has interviewed on the street as well as in the studio for her award winning podcast and documentaries. “See One Beautiful Soul” Podcast can be found on all platforms and you can find out more about her documentaries at The show run time is about 60 minutes and then is usually followed by a live Q and A with special Guest Experts on topics such as “How a 5 Minute Open Hearted Conversation Can Save a Life.” 


barbara heller 

performer, writer, producer


hannah cairo 

stage manager

gregory crafts 

lighting designer