Prince Harry: Live! At Coachella

the stagecrafts · Ages 15+ · 1hr

flashing lights

Prince Harry: Live! At Coachella is an original, one-person musical exploration of the mind of Prince Harry, still fifth-in-line to the British throne. After he moved to California, he filmed an interview with Oprah and had a Netflix docuseries. What’s next, you might ask? He’s a pop star, duh! He’s at Coachella and he’s musicalized key moments from his best-selling memoir Spare. After years of having to let others write the soundtrack to his life, he’s pushing back and taking reign. By airing out his family drama through catchy pop tunes, can he break free from the endless traditions he’s been tethered to and become the person he’s always meant to be? Come and find out!

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chris chianesi 

music, lyrics, performer

john hill 



hannah cairo 

stage manager

gregory crafts 

lighting designer