Muse Of Fire

foolish production co. · Ages 16+ · 180 mins

flashing lights

And let us, on your imaginary forces work….

War is brewing in and around a polarized England. From commoners to Kings, each must choose which truth to believe, and which cause to call their own. Muse of Fire re-explores the life affirming plays, Henry 4 (1 and 2) and Henry 5, through a freshly Foolish lens challenging our ideas of nationalism and leadership.

From rambunctious taverns to vast battlefields, witness the journey of Hal as he ascends from playboy to one of the greatest Kings England has ever seen. In this epic of Shakespearean proportions, 13 actors take on over 50 roles from Hotspur to Falstaff celebrating the versatility and imagination of theatre.

This production has two intermissions, included in the posted runtime

Graphic by Kyle T Hester

Production Team