The Night Auditor

seat of your pants productions · Ages 18+ · 150 mins

world premiere

“The Night Auditor" is an original play that revolves around a night in the life of a hotel night auditor as he works the graveyard shift of a two-star hotel in Hollywood. This work is based on the true happenings and adventures of Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award winning director/writer Roger Mathey, who has worked the graveyard shift on the dingy fringes of hospitality, interacting with D list celebrities, an 80’s icon, adult entertainers, rock and roll wash ups, porn salesmen, drunks, vagabonds, meth heads, and a ton of disrespectful guests who treat service people as though they are their servants…. “The Night Auditor” is a tribute to all who work or have worked in the thankless trenches of the service industry.

Production Team