Curtain Call, a 24-Hour Show

theatre unleashed · Ages 21+ · 90 mins

flashing lights world premiere

studio/stage has been one of our most beloved artistic homes since 2008. Sadly, all things must come to an end, and now it’s studio/stage’s turn to take a bow. Join us for the final performance at studio/stage as we celebrate this storied venue’s legacy with an evening of new works, followed by a party! 

Theatre Unleashed is honored to send studio/stage off to venue Valhalla with Curtain Call, a 24-hour show, featuring friends and familiar faces from studio/stage’s long and illustrious history.

Ever witness a production that’s fun, exiting, and taxes the artists’ skills to their limit? Something that, by all logic, should be a complete disaster, but somehow turns out to be incredible? Something so fresh, so new, the ink is still wet on the page as the curtain opens? Well. Now’s your chance.

The evening before the show, a group of writers will be given a specific set of prompts. They are then given one night to complete a ten-minute scene inspired by their prompt. The next morning, the finished script will immediately be handed over to a director and a few actors who have only a few hours to rehearse and produce their piece. Theatre Unleashed will then showcase the end results that night, starting promptly at 8pm. These 24-Hour Theatre Events are an L.A. must-see, so come get a little culture!

After the show, the celebration continues with food and drink as we send studio/stage off with a bang! 

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Production Team

erin moore 

production stage manager




gregory crafts 

playwright, performer

cj hoke 


dan lovato