Messianic Moments And Cosmic Conversations

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Messianic Moments and Cosmic Conversations the One Woman Musical is…

A Faux Documentary put into a Live Musical Theatre One Woman Show based on having Cosmic Conversations with 8 Women of all different ages, stages, and backgrounds about how to save this world and bring the Messianic Age or World Peace.

Mission of this show: To tell the stories of 8 women who are seemingly all very different on the outside-from different socio-economic backgrounds and locations. The words the characters say are based on actual quotes from people that Barbara has interviewed on the street in her award winning documentaries as well as guests she’s had on her podcast. Until we start conversing and listening to one another as one giant family who all started out from the same place and stop putting each other into boxes and staying separated, we will continue to suffer more than we have before. May we all learn how to sit with patience with anyone that is in our atmosphere and be able to listen to them with an open heart. If we can seek to have compassion for the hilariously annoying yet loveable and magical qualities of anyone before us we may just bring the Messianic Era aka World Peace. It may be messy but for sure we can Create something Magical together. This show is meant to inspire people to think about how a 5 Minute Open Hearted Conversation Could Save a Life.

Cast all played by Barbara Heller:
Daisy 18- College Student from New Mexico
Hilary 28- Marketing exec for a world famous Gastroenterologist from London
Ambergen 38- Breathwork healer from Santa Monica, CA mom of two dogs
Grace 48- Kindergarten Teacher from Dallas, TX
Maria 58- Mom from Miami, FL.
Janass 68- CPA from Detroit, Michigan
Doris 78-Former Lawyer from the Upper West Side of Manhattan
Tony 88- A grandmother from Atlanta, GA

Production Team:

Barbara Heller, Writer, Actor, Producer:
Barbara Heller is an award winning songwriter, podcaster, filmmaker, and educator. She is also a published author, playwright, and voice over artist. Her One Woman Musical entitled Messianic Moments and Cosmic Conversations which won a Producer’s Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2023 and will play at the United Solo Fest in NYC on October 15th, 2023 at 2PM is based on her award winning Documentaries and her award winning podcast See One Beautiful Soul. Her live shows and Q and As afterwards entitled “How a 5 Minute Conversation Could Save A Life” are inspiring.
She leads "Meditate & Create” Workshops and retreats that Ignite Great Healing and Wonderful Creations from the hearts of her Students and colleagues. She is committed to making this world more mentally well, safe, and comfortable for all ages! Learn more about this show and her other creations at

Barb’s voice can be heard in many blockbuster films as well as animated series, commercials, and audio books. This is her 2nd Original musical premiere in LA. Her first, Finding Barb, was also Directed by Eva Minemar. Barb is in fact an award winning Songwriter, Podcaster, Filmmaker, and Educator. Some of her Documentaries have been in multiple film festivals .
Barbara is committed to making this world more mentally well, safe, joyful and meaningful for all ages!

Eva Minemar, Director:
Eva Minemar is the co-founder and artistic director of LA LUPA Italian Cultural Arts Festival (LA LUPA FEST) a proud member of The Actors Studio Director Unit and Women in Film.Nominated for an Irene Ryan Award while in the Cal-Arts Theatre Program. She came home to NYC where she finished her formal education at Circle in theSquare. As the Artistic director of the Lower East Side Landmark, Piano Store Theatre, it was there that she conceived and directed a ten-year international touring women’s theatre staple, Angry Jellow Bubbles. AJB was exclusively chosen to be performed for the delegates of the world at the United Nations for International Women’s Day. Ms. Minemar has directed over a dozen one-woman shows, including Barbara Heller’s first one woman musical Finding Barb . Other one woman successes include international hit Solo Anna, the story of iconic Italian actress, Anna Magnani, brought back to life by the talented Ms. Vitale. Minemar is also an award-winning producer who cofounded NY based production company Mulberry Queens Films. It’s through her production company, MQF that she’s been able to continue to provide support for women in the theatrical arts, by giving women creatives an opportunity to have their work performed worldwide, without the pressure of commercial concerns. For more information please visit
Other Crew: Consultant: Joshua Silverstein Consultant: Jon Dabach Musical Director and Keyboardist Musical Accompaniment: Haim Mazar Lighting Designer: Gregory Crafts
Stage Manager: Hannah Cairo DP for Video Segments: Dan Rosenberg Pantsuit Barb wears created by Shani:

Testimonials from Audience Members of Messianic Moments and Cosmic Conversations:
“It’s stunning to see a show where you leave and think well that show can change the world.” 🙏🏼💗💫 -D. A.

“The professionalism, the talent, the humor. Phenomenal show! If you want to see serious talent and have a great time don’t miss this show!” -S. T.

“Barbara changes characters instantly. I loved how she used lighting, videos and costumes to develop the character. I found myself totally immersed. I loved all the creative surprises that Barbara Heller painted in her own woman show. I felt totally immersed in the story of each character and loved the way Barbara wove other media methods into each story. Meaningful, fun and entertaining..looking forward to more!”

“The Creativity. Talent. Characters. Staging. Moving the video with live. Loved it all. Loved Barbara Heller in her one-woman hilarious, tender & meaningful show! Give yourself a gift and go see her!” -L. P.

“This show was such a delight to watch! It had humor mixed with some serious discussions. Barb’s characters and accents were quite impressive. Definitely recommend!! I went with family and friends. We all enjoyed watching multiple characters from one artist. We quickly felt as though each unique character’s viewpoints came across naturally.” -S. D.

“Beautifully done!” -A. B. "HILARIOUS, SMART, INSPIRATIONAL, and just really good theater!! Barb masterfully created/becomes so many different unique characters who really share a broad and diverse perspective we can all relate to and learn from!! Way to go Barb Heller!!!”

-Saul Blinkoff, Life of Awesome Podcast

“So thought provoking! It was an honor to be on the panel and in such good company. You are making a difference combining art and action, heart and mission- which you know is my jam. So glad to be in your world soul sistah!” -Brenda Adelman, Forgiveness and Freedom

“Fabulous and Wonderful!” -L.R.

“This show is completely different from any other show I’ve seen. Barbara is such a chameleon and effortlessly takes you on a journey through a variety of characters stories. The show was very dynamic, it was playful and fun while also bringing light to many topics. Barbara leads the audience to be reflective while simultaneously being entertained. A masterpiece!”
-Candace Dunaway, All Things Relatable Podcast